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e-street mixed-use developement     san bernardino ca

The E-Street Mixed-Use Development considers the incremental development of an entire city block adjacent to the downtown core. This is the first phase of the implementation of the Conceptual Strategy Plan for the E-Street Corridor This effort facilitated the Economic Development Agency to identify sites strategic development opportunities for transit-oriented development that leverages the potential of substantial new transportation infrastructure over the next decade.


The Urban Block Plan considers the southeast block of E Street from 5th Street to 6th Street and occupies about 8 acres. The proposed illustrative program builds on the original program of housing and retail uses. The open space network within the block is aligned to connect it to existing parks adjacent to the Caltrans headquarters in the block south of 5th Street. The site is anticipated to be developed in stages to accommodate existing demand and absorption levels over a period of time. Under-utilized or vacant properties may be acquired and developed as they become available until the entire block may be consolidated.