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north-west neighborhood plan  san bernardino ca

The 1,600-acre Manas Township is located about eight miles west of the rapidly growing City of Pune (the "Oxford of the East") in western India. This new town is adjacent to the Pune-Mumbai Expressway which parallels the Education / IT Corridor, possibly the most advanced enclave of this nature in South Asia. The plan area is located about 400 meters above sea level on very complex topography. The proposed conceptual master plan engages this natural environment and is oriented to take advantage of the spectacular views of the nearby Manas lake, the mountain range and the nearby 400-year old fort.


The town is oriented along a central promenade, a linear "central park" that creates an armature of public space valuing pedestrian experience through a diversity of uses located at key nodes. The promenade connects the mixed-use city gateway to the apex of a club / community center at the top of the hill while providing a central activity node half-way up the hill. The township is informed by the Indian values of vastu-shastra, the traditional planning principles, as well as by contemporary urban design practice and complex zoning.

Project directed by Farooq Ameen prior to City Design