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indira gandhi national center of arts  new delhi india

The site for the Indira Gandhi National Center of arts is located in the heart of Edwin Lutyens master plan for colonial New Delhi at the intersection of Rajpath (king’s way) and Janpath (people’s way). The complex program is organized and oriented along a symbolic river that originates at the eastern edge of the complex (Sutradahara) where research is conducted and the Center’s programs are created and organized.


The proposed design maintains the street-wall along Janpath and the street network parallel to Rajpath within the site boundaries. Within the site an interconnected network of active open spaces is created that is consistent with the program areas. The primary intent of the design is to respond to the urban context while responding to the civic and more intimate scale requirements throughout the site. The project is sensitive to the formal aspects of Lutyens work while reinterpreting these for the contemporary condition.