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e street BRT corridor development strategy plan san bernardino ca

The comprehensive development strategy for the E Street Corridor establishes strategic guidelines for development that leverages the potential for transit-oriented development along the 3.75 miles of the E Street corridor, which is expected to be the recipient of substantial new transportation infrastructure development over the next decade. The analysis and resulting strategic plan components support the City of San Bernardino’s integrated strategy in the augmentation of its housing stock within the context of overall development. The conceptual framework for residential development focuses on the potential to establish catalytic projects that can consolidate neighborhoods and meet the housing demand. The strategy illustrates design of residential prototypes on selected sites within the plan area. It also establishes planning and design criteria that establishes the relationship between development, open-space linkages and transit infrastructure. The Omnitrans Bus Rapid Transit system will run along the length of the E Street Corridor beginning at CSU San Bernardino and passing through the downtown area along E Street, to Loma Linda Hospital.